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We feature Xikar Cutters because of the unsurpassed quality, art and warranty that Xikar offers our customers.

Like a proper wine glass enhances a good wine, a perfectly cut cigar promotes the experience of fine cigars. You will become aware of the aroma that your freshly cut cigar provides as you snap your cutter into its locked position and reach for a flame to enjoy your cigar.

Of course, we carry other cutters to meet all of our customer needs, but Xikar is the cutter of choice at Jorgio’s.

Xikar cigar cutters are bold, masculine and beautifully engineered. The Xi series is designed to be both comfortable in the hand and well-balanced for a perfect cut. Other Xikar cutters such as the v-cut, punch and cigar scissor are all perfectly in tune with the needs of the modern day cigar aficionado.

Jorgio’s current selection includes a variety of colors and styles. 

Xi1 Cutters

xi1_Black xi1_Blue xi1_Red xi1_Silver xi1_Titanium

Xi2 Cutters

xi2 green xi2 Blue Xi2 red    

Xi3 Cutters

xi3 sera xi3 redwood xi3 havana xi3 carbon  

VX (V-Cut)

VX Silver VX Gunmetal      

Punch 009

Xicar Punch Gunmetal Xicar Punch Silver      

MTX Multi-Tool (Scissor)

scissor_closed scissor open      


Xikar Warranty
Xikar offers a lifetime warranty on all of their products, including their cutters. If you have any issues with your cutter, simply return it to Xikar and they will repair or replace it under their “Total Satisfaction Guarantee”.

Return  Address: 
Xikar Inc.
P.O. Box 025757
Kansas City, MO  64102-5757