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When it comes to value, we challenge you to find a better line of humidors than our selection at Jorgio's. We offer a beautiful variety of high-quality wood veneers over fragrant Spanish cedar interiors. We also look beyond appearance.  At Jorgio's, we only select humidors that offer superior overall quality and sealing characteristics to keep your cigars fresh.

Traveling? Look at the great humidors from Xikar. Made from strong ABS molded plastic and featuring stainless steel hardware with high-density foam cradles to protect your cigars from the elements. Xikar humidors are made in the United States.

Stop by to view our current selection of humidors.  A humidor from Jorgio's makes the perfect gift.


Xikar 10 & Xikar 15 Travel Humidors

  Xicar 10   


How to Season a Humidor
Do Not Put Cigars in Your New Humidor until it is properly seasoned

Now that you have a new humidor, the first thing to do is not put cigars inside. First and foremost, you must season a new humidor before storing your beloved stogies. This is also true for an old humidor that hasn't been used in a while. The cedar inside of a humidor is part of the humidification system, and acts to provide humidity (and flavor) to the cigars, along with the humidification device. If the cedar has not been seasoned, then the wood will actually rob moisture from the cigars, and dry them out. This effect is the exact opposite of what you wanted when you purchased the humidor.

Wipe the Inside of the Humidor with Distilled Water

Before you begin the seasoning process, make sure to read any directions that may have come with your new humidor. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions so you do not void your warranty. Absent any specific instructions from the manufacturer of the humidor, proceed as follows.

To season a humidor, all you need is some distilled water, a clean unscented sponge or cloth, and some patience. IMPORTANT - Do not use tap water in place of distilled water.

Start by dampening a clean sponge or cloth with distilled water, then wipe down all the cedar wood inside of the humidor, including the lid and any trays. To avoid damaging the humidor, do not overly saturate the interior wood with water. Do not spill the water inside the humidor (and then try to spread it around).

Fill Your Humidification Device

Fill your humidification device with either distilled water or a humidifying solution according to the manufacturer's instructions. Make sure that the device is not overly saturated by letting any excess water drip out (into a sink), then wipe off any drops of water on the outside of the humidification device, and place the device inside the humidor.

Check for Dampness before Adding Cigars

On the day after treatment, it should be safe to use the humidor as long as you cannot feel any dampness on the cedar. If so, then wait one more day before storing your cigars. If you have a hygrometer inside the humidor, ignore any higher-than-normal readings during the seasoning process. However, if the humidity is lower than 72% on the day after treatment, repeat the wipe down procedure.

We're here to help. Give us a call or stop by to discuss proper humidification tips and techniques. We carry the latest humidification products to keep your cigars fresh and to assist the natural cigar aging process.